This is Beyond: The 4‑Day Week

 One brave step for Beyonders, one giant leap for flexibility, productivity and free time. Here’s why we were one of just sixty companies who committed to a 4-day week (at 5 days’ pay) in 2021, and how our people – and our business – continue to reap the benefits.


Why a 4-day week?

We believe in working smarter, not harder. Doing less, but better. Our decision to stop working Fridays was almost made for us…

2020 was – like many companies – an epically tricky time for us. (Travel + events + a global pandemic = Sunday scaries on steroids.) After a majority of the company was furloughed, working three or four days a week, we realised something pretty incredible. Despite fewer hours and a reduced crack team of Beyonders, we were still hitting sales targets; still sending emails on time; and still making magic at each event. Why not do this…forever?


What are the perks?

Aside from aFriday lie-in, working four days brings us multiple benefits. Including, but not limited to:

🚀 Better productivity.

It’s amazing how much you can focus when you know you only have four days to get sh*t done. Plus, rested minds are more creative minds, leaving more headspace for the big, bold thinking required to pull off our epic events.

🤹 More flexibility.

We know people don’t just work. They have hobbies and side-hustles; they care for children or other people they love. And, obviously, they travel. A 4-day week gives Beyonders more time to dedicate to doing the things they love, reduces childcare costs, and just so happens to be the perfect way to max out on long-weekend city breaks.

❤️‍🩹 Improved mental and physical health.

Fridays off = more time to exercise, meditate, volunteer, cuddle your pet and do all the things that allow you to be the best version of yourself. It’s a win-win situation.

👋🏽 A bigger pool of potential Beyonders. 

We’ve noticed an uptick in applications since shifting to a 4-day week, including people from diverse backgrounds who appreciate the increased flexibility.


 Want to find out more about the 4 Day Week movement?

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